Special Needs Care
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Special Needs Dentist in Buffalo, NY

One of the more important services our office provides is dental care for special children (Developmental Disabilities). Many children with special needs are extremely susceptible to dental disease or oral injury, while others require medication or special diets which may be detrimental to dental health. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Banas has received specialized training to focus on the special needs of your special child.

Children with special needs can benefit from many of the same preventive measures recommended for all children. We will be happy to design a preventive care plan for your child so that they may enjoy a lifetime of good dental health. Call us today to discuss the special needs dentistry accommodations we have available for your child.
Kids Dentist Buffalo, NY

Benefits of our Pediatric Dentist

Should your special child require treatment, following are some of the benefits we can offer as pediatric specialists:
  • Pediatric dentists have two years of additional dental training that focuses on care for children with special needs.
  • Our offices are designed to be accessible for special patients.
  • Your special child may need special treatment in order to make him or her comfortable.
  • Should your child require care performed in a hospital, we can provide fully-qualified anesthesia services.
  • Dr. Banas is affiliated at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo. He sees patients every first and fourth Tuesday of the month for outpatient dental treatment.
We will happily discuss a program of treatment with you for your child, so that he or she may live healthier and happier with good dental health. Call our pediatric dentist today.
Special Needs Dentist Buffalo, NY
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