Hospital Dentistry
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Children's Dentistry in Buffalo, NY

So, what is hospital dentistry? Well, quite simply, it is traditional dentistry (fillings, crowns, extractions, X-rays, etc.) performed in a hospital operating room with the child asleep utilizing a general anesthetic.

I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Why would a child require hospital dentistry?” Some children suffer from extreme anxiety and have a severe phobia of the dentist. We understand this fear and want your child’s appointment to go as smoothly as possible for them. In some cases, that requires our dental services such as cleanings, fillings and X-rays to be done in a hospital operating room with general anesthetic. Hospital dentistry is 100% safe for your child.

Why is specialized care necessary?

  • Some children, due to age and tremendous anxiety (dental phobia), just cannot cope with traditional dental treatment because their fear and anxiety cause them a great deal of stress.
  • Physically- or mentally-challenged children are also candidates for this type of treatment.
  • In the event that extensive work is required, as in the event of complete mouth restoration, it is much easier on a young patient to be placed under general anesthesia to have the procedure done, than to endure long hours in the dental chair, or many repeated visits.
  • Finally, some children, due to severe injury or illness, may already be hospitalized and require the services of our team while there.
Hospital Dentistry Buffalo, NY
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